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Chapter Eleven


What reflecting LOOKS like:
  • summarize and paraphrase for verification of accuracy
  • "I understand that you mean . . ."
  • "So, the issue is . . ."
  • "I hear you saying . . ."

2. Verbalize the initial problem--feeling and situation. Capture what the teacher is saying, being sure to include the teacher's feelings.
Then WAIT for acknowledgement of accuracy.
5. Constantly paraphrase understanding of teacher's message. Summarizing the message at various times help the teacher to rest, mentally stand off from himself, and think about what has been said. Be careful not to become mechanical--use this behavior judiciously.
10. Restate the teacher's plan. Be complete, then allow the teacher to verify it.

Reflecting must be used carefully so that the teacher is not made to feel patronized.

pp. 132, 191-192